Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dinner day 2

Again I only saw one frypan in action but somehow 4 dishes appeared. I'm beginning to suspect some secret kitchen ninja activities. I'll be sure to keep a closer eye on the situation tomorrow.

And of course the little girl got her own banquet.

Tomorrow promises at least another 2 exciting meals. But to avoid this becomming a food blog I'll try to capture some other activities tomorrow. Maybe...

-- Moran's in Japan

Girls preparing Ban-gohan

At home

The view from Rumi's mums. Today we walked through the park to the
tall building in the distance, just next to the ocean.


Rumis lunch - $10

My lunch

Sushi tempura - $15


Sushi today. Neo had rice and veges

Looking for lunch

Day 2 - walking around makuhari

Beautiful day here. Sunny and 25ish. Had a lovely walk locally to work
up an appetite for.... Lunch

Dinner at Rumi's mums

Banquet! Delicious. My favourite was the clam, miso, dashi soup!
That's all for today, I wonder what we will eat tomorrow?

Shopping for dinner

In the supermarket. Rumi and her mum walking away from us


2 of the 3 bowls of pasta. Yum

Lunch arrival day

After a nap ( just Neo and me, Rumi battled through to 9pm on 1 hours
sleep without a worry) we were starving. Lunch time! We felt like
pasta so here we are weighing up the options

Taxi to Rumi's mum place

In Japan. Bus was a bit of a wait so we jumped in a taxi an just
buckled Neo in the middle seat for the 35 min ride.

On our way

With a few hours till the flight, we went to the qantas lounge to eat
and drink. Neo crawled around on the carpet and at one stage had all 3
qantas staff watching her antics. On the plane we were lucky to gets
whole row so we made a little bed between us and neo had three good
long sleeps. Apart from a difficult hour or so in the middle of the
flight she was fine.