Sunday, July 12, 2009

Journey to whistler

So here I am. Ready to get the skytrain into Vancouver, then get a bus over to north Vancouver where the mountineer train will take me up to whistler. Damn it's early, 7am. This better be worth it

Waiting at the watrrfront for the bus over to nth van. Couple of cruise ships in port including this one, the sapphire princess which is regularly in Sydney.

View of Vancouver as we drive over the bridge to nth van.
And here is my train

I'm in the last carriage which should give me good views of the train on the way up.

For the first 40 miles of the 74 mile journey the train hugs the coastline up into Howe fjord.

Looking out the back of the train.

40 miles in at sqarmish we passed a steam train that runs around locally

From here the train turns inland to climb up through the canyon.

Its About 680 metres vertical climb up to whistler

3 hours after leaving nth Vancouver we pull into whistler! 5 minute bus ride later we are in the vulliage. That spelling mistake reminds me, truck loads of kiwis here. Everywhere, working as well as playing. Anyway
I grab a quick lunch, hire a full spec downhill bike along with gloves, helmet, leg and arm armour - , got my lift ticks and hit the mountain

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