Saturday, July 11, 2009


Great first week at my new job. The end of the week brings me to my weekend

Booked a ticket for tomorrow on a scenic looking train journey up to Whistler ski resort. Check it out

When there I will hire a mountain bike and hit the mountain. This bike trail map scares me a little

Apparently Whistler is mountain biking mecca during the summer months and im sure I will enjoy it although I have calculated the risk of injury at 55%
My next post might include pictures of me in hospital

If I make it through with no breakages, a guy from work is going to take me mountain biking closer to Vancouver on the Sunday
We will head to one of the ski resorts overlooking Vancouver. I think the views will be amazing

Just spoke to Rumi, Neo has been sick most of the week with high temp. The temp has gone today but she has broken out in spots! Nothing seroius, I dunno the name of it but something young kids get according to the doc.
Anyways, thats all for me
Pics of the journey, whistler villiage and mountain tomorrow

Andee in Vancouver

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  1. I guess your days is over and you had a bike ride without any injury!!!!!!!
    Poor Neo I hope she recovers soon so that she and Rumi and enjoy the rest
    of their holiday. Take care
    love mum