Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Monday we headed off for a few days in Kamakura, about 80 k's south of Tokyo. Kamakura is a very famous touristy area due to the nice beaches and huge number of shrines. In ancient times this was the capital so lots of historical sites.
Having explored kamakura before we decided to skip the main area around the shrines and headed for the beach. We stayed at enoshima, on a little island (0.4 km sq) just off the shore. To get here we had to ride a cute little train that runs along the coast From the main station at kamakura.

You can just see the island in top right.
Last night we ate on the street.

These little stalls have fresh seafood, fried stuff, etc. You choose a bunch of things, grab a beer and eat at the outside tables.
After sitting down I asked Rumi to choose a "suprise", and boy it was a suprise

It's the biggest damn oyster even seen. And at $20 for one, the most expensive too.
Shame it tasted average but it was worth it for the novelty factor.
The ocean side of this island is sharp cliffs and there are long caves going in under the island. Boats have brought tourists here since the olden days (I don't know how long but it's a while)
We walked up to the top of the island to go in the observation tower, before descending the other side and into the caves.

Afterwards We were lucky to catch the last boat off the rocks. With the pram and hundreds of stairs to get here, we were not looking forward to reversing the journey back up the hill!

With mt fuji fairly close it's quite a beautiful spot. The camera coulnt pick it up due to the haze but you could see it with the naked eye.

Today, Tuesday was a bit rainy. We decided to go to the local aquarium cause neo loves them fish.

Not as spectacular as the one in Tokyo but still lots of fun, especially the dolphin show where we got drenched!
After that we jumped back on the little train and hopped off at a few places for a poke around.

I'm sure people think she is a little boy

Tonight we decided to stay in and order room service.

And I'm not being funny, two more plates plus rice appeared later in the meal.
Oishii!! Amazing food (Rumi selected this place cause of the food reputation). In Japan the old ryokan style hotels all provide
Meals in your room like this and where you stay is sometimes a decision made after consulting your stomach and taste buds.

I'm just glad I'm not doing the washing up!

--Morans in Kamakura

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  1. All that food just for breakfast yummy.Not too keen on the super size oyster though