Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kamakura to daiba and home

Wednesda morning we started with room service breaky


Then after a quick Onsen bath we hit the road, or should I say rails.
On the way home we Headed to daiba(obstruction), islands just in front of the entrance to sumida river with daibas built to deter the " big black ships" from entering Tokyo. Today it's a modern mix of shopping, residential, headquarters and company showcases with a flash monorail connecting it to the main stations.

. We went into the panasonic centre and had an interactive demo of the " life wall", a completely dynamic wall in a house. Imagine an entire wall is a tv and you control everything with hand movements inthe air. ( point, make fist etc) It was absolutely amazing. I'd say unbelievable but I'd seen similar things in sci fi movies, so I was familiar with the way this stuff works :) the cofee table also acts as a giant mouse pad with touch triggering certain actions. We moved and re-sized the tv, downloaded photos wirelessly and instantly from a mobile phone, browsed photos, looked througj books and and created windows on the wall.
The best bit was when Rumi left to go into a seperate room but appeared lifesize in front of us. Neo was confused, especially when Rumi was suddenly walking with penguins around her! We dragged animals from a book onto the screen, which were then displayed in actual size on the wall. Oh I give up, it's too hard to describe how cool this was, you just have to do it yourself.
Only photos could show you what this life wall was like but there were gurads everwhere stopping people from taking photos. Everytime I touched my phone to check the time I could see security in the corner of my eye.

We didnt have a lot of time but many other companies have tech showcases and innovative science exhubitions here including toyota! I think I have to come back to check that one out.

Damn, only 3 more days holiday for me before heading to Canada to start my new job!!

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  1. Love the sound of the life wall. maybe we can get to see it when we come over