Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dangerous things to do in Japan

Due to a couple of recent experiences I thought I might compile a list Of dangerous things you can do in japan.

1. Get a cab with a baby
No need for baby seat, and I suspect seatbelts are optional too?
Strap the kid into the seat and go for it!

2. Being in Japan
Rumi's mum feels 3 or 4 earthquakes month. Being on the 13th floor things can move around a bit. I've been here during 2 earthquakes, but oblivious to them both. 1st was the last trip 2 years back. It happened in the middle of the nihht and woke everyone up, except me
There was another last week that shook the apartment violently for 1 minute. However we were busy at the shops which are at ground level and didn't even notice. With a month to go im sure I'll get to experience one.

3. Go quad biking, horse riding and several other slighly dangerous activities and make it properly dangerous with no helmet! Whilst the quad bikes were speed limited, they went fast enough to be hairy.

4. Ride a bike. Everyone rides bikes but I've only seen two kids with helmets. Whilst people don't fly around, the sidewalks can get crowded so there is still lots of chances to have a good stack and crack your skull

5. Visit Japanese only restaurant and let waitress choose your destiny. Never thought I'd eat raw chicken or raw heart in this lifetime. But then again, it wasn't that dangerous. It's normal here, but it feels dangerous!!

6. Buy fireworks from the supermarket or 7/11
Dangerous can b fun too!

7. Cross road at pedestrian crossing without looking. Cars don't slow down or stop, they are really just recommended places tocross when there are no cars coming.

8. Hit the bum wash button on the dunny without checking what water pressure the last person left it set at.

-- Moran's in Japan


  1. sounds like you need extra health insurance when visiting Japan. ouch not sure i couls use the washer in the toilet it sounds dangerous

  2. Fireworks on sale?!? Good to know that the Japanese, along with the Thais, haven't forgotten that you can have a great time with gunpowder. Fun for all the family!!

  3. Note to self - remember to visit 7/11 when visiting japan to buy fireworks!

  4. Dont let dad near the fireworks when we go to Japan. no one will be safe! :)