Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farm then hokadate then back home

5pm Monday
After a fantastic day in yhe farm and a quick stay ovrr in Hakodate, We are now all back in Tokyo.

Yesterday 7am we were milking the cow.

The Japanese farm hand was 2m tall!

8am was breaky
We each had frsh milk that was really nice once you got throught the inch of cream on top!

After that we plays with dogs, they have 60 breeds of dog here

Played with horses and Rina anD ryo went for a ride

We also fed goats, got chased by angry ducks, went quad biking, did some archery and rina and I learnt how to make butter!

I'm so glad I did that. We made it with fresh cream straight from the cows in the farm, and finished by trying it on hot bread rolls straight out of the oven! So nice. I'll be
Making my own butter now.

Quick cruise with cousin Ryo before hitting the road

Off to Hakodate. We checked out some sites before heading to the hotel.
For the first time we stayed in a western style hotel. It was our last night of the trip.
We headed out for dinner but it was a little rushed with neo yelling at the top of her lungs. For some reason Neo is the loudest baby wherever we go. Or maybe everyone else with noisy babies keeps them at home?

We were staying right at the tip of Hakodate, near the old wharves. We rose early as the morning markets were across the road.

Squid is the speciality here And had it for breaky. It was still moving, no kidding. It's finely sliced but still wriggling around. It's fun having a bit of wriggling 2 minute dead squid in your mouth, just before swallowing it!

After some more siteseeeimg and shopping it was time to head to the airport and back home.

We were all tired but what an exciting 6 days!

Back in Tokyo now. It's been rainy and stormy the last day and half. A litle squashy here with 8 in the house.
Since we are just resting for a few days and have nothing interesting to write, Ive been thinking about dangerous things to do in japan!
Stay tuned....


  1. looks like you are all having a wonderful time im so jealous it looks amazing all the things you are doing! love the blog too!!its very funny and great to see what your getting up to and seeing all the yummy food!

  2. UUUMMM Its sure loks like you have all had an exciting time. Real butter, I havent had any since the Murphys left their farm in 1960.
    Neo looks exhausted on return to tokoyo. She must be enjoying time with her cousins.
    Dont think I could try the wriggling squid.......
    love to all