Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday with Mari

On Saturday we met with Rumi's friend Mari, who used to live in Sydney.
We met a few stations away at one of the best ( and my favourite ) shopping centre in the world - Lala Port

We said our goodbyes to Joss on the train who then continuednon her way back home.

We hadn't Seen Mari since Neo was a newborn. I'm sure she was suprised such an ugly baby turned out so cute!

We hung out and Scoped out the shops. The baby shops are amazing. Pretty sure we will beback here a few times before going home.

Girls scoping out cake shop for later?

This place was great, you could watch the cake ninjas making cakes! Actually we ended up having aftenoon tea elsewhere!

After lunch and a walk to get the little one to sleep, this was the girls choice for afternoon tea.
That was just half of the cake cabinet!

Our choices

Well that's about all.
Oh we did get Neo to try on some of her new clothes. Here is a preview of her new hip hop jeans ( hanging low to show undies) and trainers.

Beer gut almost rivals dadies!

-- Moran's in Japan


  1. he he, those pants look like they belong to 50 cent

  2. Those cakes look soooo yummmy
    Give Neo a hug and kiss from me for her birthday