Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ramen and electric town

Mmmm dinner last night. Katsu, another feast.

Unfortunately the ramifications this morning were more than at least one of my senses could bear

Always a great start to the day.
Now the reason we are really in japan is this-

Oh such delicious ramen, and right across the road! I could write a whole page on this ramen. And they are open late - real late in case I get a 25:00 o'clock ramen craving. I have a sneaky suspicion this might just happen before I head back to Sydney. Last time in japan I did beer and sushi at the fishmarkets for 6 am breaky. Beer and ramen at 25:00 o'clock seems like the next logical goal in my extra curricular culinary oddesy of japan

After this I split and jumped a train into electric town.

..I noticed all the drivers must physically acknowledg every signal light the moment they see it. Most raise their hand, some have a little point, but some of the younger drivers Have incorpprated a bit flair making it a kind of salute. I watched intenty during the 40 minute train ride into town.

Electric town. Interesting g place. Not as good as it used to be. Kind of turned a bit touristy but I had a good search around none the less. Lots of electronics, toys, suspicious comics and figurines and strangely lots of cafe's with scantily dressed "maids".

That's all from me. Got a fun day with joss tomorrow.
Oh yes, dinner tonight.


  1. Yum, I hope you guys are going to make some of these dishes when you get home. Ill be inviting myself over for dinner : )

  2. Andrew
    It all looks so yummy. It is great to hear about your adventures. Enjoy your day with Joss
    Love to all

  3. How about some shots of the 'scantilly-dressed maids'?? Enjoying the train photos - keep them coming (GM)