Monday, June 15, 2009

Onsen and Lake Toya

Well the day started as any memorable day should.
Rumi went to the onsen bath at 5 am and when she got back I went down at around 6
Because it was morning the gents had the larger onsen downstairs. Rumi had told me about it and I was keen to say the least.
Like a seasoned pro I stripped off, went for a wash then wandered around the onsen nudie. There were about 10 different baths and I tried most of them. One was extremely hot, far hotter than the othes. The hotel says the springs providing the water range from 40 to 90 deg celcius.
Now the best part were the oitside baths!
I walked out into the cold fresh air, with steam everywhere. The hotel backs onto the side of the valley, with a raging creek hard up against the steep sides of the mountain. The outside bath is beside the creek, with large rocks seperating.
Lots of beautiful trees and moss. Such a beautiful environment, just imagine the SERENITY.
Now imagine me flying down a water slide into a steaming hot onsen butt naked!
At that time of the morning none if the other blokes were on the slide but the girls had done it the day beforeand told me about it so I just had to do it too.

Next - bear park!
Located at the top of the mountain, the bear park is only accesible by cable car.

Looking back, that's our hotel on the right.

And looking ahead! While to go yet

Bears! Lots of bears up close.

from outside we Could throw little snacks to them. Most had learnt to wave to get our attention ( and a treat).
very cute. This half tonne bear could swipe me in two and wants to eat me. But oh so cute, just want to give it a hug...

After that we saw a funny bear show featuring a much Smaller and cuter bear doing tricks.

We fed the bears some more, had a look at the rest if the park showing how the indigenous people lived, then headed back down

Saw other local sites including the source of some of the bath water.

After lunch we hit the road, heading up into the mountains towards lake toya.
We were travelling through the ski resourt area, some amazing scenery.
Lots ofthe road was covered like a long carport so they obviously get a lot of snow here.
Through a tunnel and out he other side of the mountain range the first thing we see is a volcano that looks like a mini my Fuji. And actually that's it's name in Japanese. Old Hokkaido mini fuji.

A short rme later we were driving along lake toya. What an amazing picturesque place.
We checked into a hotel on the lakeside.

Our room

Our hotel has an indoors water park!

No photos unfortunately but I took Nei in a few water slides. The end was always a shock but she loved it!

Now I thought the OTT meals are behind us but oh I was wrong

That's the first half of dinner. The plates keptncoming and coming. It was crazy.
If I'm forced to eat anymore food all I want is to eat all bran straight out of a box.

Well the day ended as all good memorable days should-with a bloody big 20 minute fireworks show over the lake!!
I don't know what tomorrow has in store for us but I know it will start in the onsen

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  1. WOW!!! Andrew Its all looks wonderful. Good to see your pictures. By the sound of your diary everyone is having a very special time. Enjoy
    Love MUM