Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday with Joss - Part 3

We found ourselves in a funky little restaurant. it was packed and we took the final two spots at the bar.
Not quite sure what was on offer we asked the waitress for her recommendations.

We knew we had ordered a salad, sashimi, fried something and maybe something else.
We guessed from the extra speial welcome from the chef they dont get many foreigners Here.

That him waving and all blurry.

The salad was delicious we tucked In.
Next came the sashimi. While I examined it Joss got into it.

" it's delicious " she said. " I think that's chicken breast and that's heart" I said but it did little to deter her. Ok so I got stuck in too.
There was no smell and quite a nice but delicate flavour. We both enjoyed it. When it was almost finished Joss asked the waiter what it was.

He tapped his chest to animate the explanation. Yep, we just ate raw chicken breast and chicken heart.

Here I our waitress helping us prepare another of our suprise dishes.

We left feeling great. Another highlight to the night.
In the next bar Joss insisted the waiter congratulate us for eating raw chicken

He was not as impressed with our accomPlishment as we were and no congrats was forthcoming

Well there were a few more bars, many more laughs and an all round memorable and enjoyable night.

Shinjuku station 10:45 pm

Train home. Yes she is asleep.

Well there was one final twist to the eveniing, and maybe joss will tell you about it herself. it's not for me to divulge. Although we did somehow end up doing some train hopping as our train started heading back into Tokyo!

-- Moran's in Japan


  1. Cant believe you guys ate raw chicken!! how did you do that without getting sick?
    Joss please tell us what the final twist was.

  2. Let me just say - I blame it on the raw heart!