Monday, June 15, 2009

Hokkaido - Noboribetsu day 2

Well it poured all day. We didnt make it to the bear park, instead we went to 'Edo wonderland', a kind of theme park that covers historical Japan, with a bit of humour. Between buildings it was oitdoors witj no cover so we ended up soaked but it was fun.

But first, the onsen!

I went to one of the two floors of onsen baths. One floor was designated for men ( the two areas alternate for men/women half day then swap)
It was my first public bath, I had only done private onsen baths with Rumi before)
But I wasn't too nervous, on account of few beers and little Bottle Of sake. I was most worried about etiquete. So I tried to copy the other fellas, without looking like I was looking, if u know what I mean.

Anyway scrubbed up first then wandered into the Bath area. The were several baths and I choose what I think was the acidic iron Bath. The skin feels amazing now, And whilst I didn't have any digestive problems Ive since developed some with buffet dinner and breaky two days in a row.

Anyway, more on the onsen later.

'edo wonderland is a massive recreation of a 'edo period vulliage. I guess half would be authentic and half funny stuff like a ninja house maze and a cat themes haunted house.
First we tried our luck at some traditional games.

Hit the target with a blowgun. These things were leathal. I'd like to make one for home and pop the Indian minors off my balcony. They are Pretty accurate too.

There were some theatres with shows and my favourite - the ninja show! It was full on. There were even two shuriken (ninja stars) throw across the stage to miss a ninja by cms and lodge themselves into the door frame!!

I wish i was a ninja
Lucky I filmed the whole show so I can go home and study the moves.

Back home for more onsen, buffet and sake

Later when Rumi was bathing I took neo to amusement centre

the kids playing on the futons before bed time

That's all for today. Tomorrow we hit bear park then drive on to the next place

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