Monday, June 15, 2009

Hokkaido - Noboribetsu

Today we flew up to Hokkaido to meet up with rumis sister and family

It was only and hour and fifteen flight into Sapporo airport.
We had lunch in the airport while waiting for them to arrive.
The airport has one of the most amazing food markets I have seen. The number Of restauants and fresh food stalls is staggering.
Apparently Hokkaido is famous for various food products, so I think the next week will be more fun than I anticipated.
We found a ramen hall. There were 6 or more in a line, all specializing in certain types of ramen.

Just a sample of menus

My spicy red miso ramen

Unfortunately in the plane I spilt water on the iPhone so all my photos are foggy!
It will dry out...

After that we met chisako, masaki, rina and ryo. We all pilled into an 8 seated van and hit the road, heading south along the coast for noboribetsu, a famous onsen resort.
We have checked into a beautiful ryo kan (old japanese style hotel) for two nights.

Neo loves it. Soft tatami floors, everything at her level. She can even climb up on the table!

It seems really quiet here, until we went to dinner. I think the whole town is in the buffet restaurant in our hotel. This particular area is famous for crab and ramen.
Well the buffet was one of the best I have seen. They had various stations with chefs ( tempura, wagu steak, scallop, ramen, gyoza, miso, curry and a few other) plus a tonne of dishes to choose from!

These pictures show about a qtr of the Buffett.

Here we are, feasting.
Wagu, sashimi and scallop! Mmmm

Rumi just took neo for her first onsen bath and now it's time for bed. Ionce she is asleep I'll head down and get nudie and have a soak myself.
This particular hotel has about 6 different hot water spring sources, each with various healing properties. I'm heading for the acidic iron spring- good for skin, rhematism an digestive problems.

Apparently tomorrow we go to a wild bear park!
--Morans in Hokkaido

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