Monday, June 15, 2009

Lake Toya to World Ranch

Well the day didn't start with onsen. Rumi started her day with onsen, good for her. I meanwhile could barely muster the energy to roll over let alone get up.
Instead my day started with breakfast- buffet. A new Buffett in a new hotel.
We drove half the day which gave me some valuable thinking time. I devised a formula that determined, based on Various input and outputs, temperature, weight, energy and comfort levels, that the optimum number of consecutive buffet meals in a row is .......
The problem with buffets is they are so exciti g. There is so much choice on offer and especially here, so many new things to try. My self discipline isn't equiped to deal with such temptation, and i already new it wasn't up for the challenge, so I didn't bother exercising it.

After breaky we hit the road.
We didn't have that far to go, maybe 180k's, but it took about 4 hours as the speed limits here are set for icy frozen conditions. The highest speed limit sigh I saw was 50kph. Most drivers were willing to travel at the 90 or so that matched the road and conditions but unfortunately some stuck to 30 and 40 as per the signs. The slow traffic was frustrating, but the illegal dangerous overtaking 10 cars in a row by large trucks was entertaining. Ok that only happened once, the rest of the time the scenery provided the entertainment

That's another volcano rising up in the distance.

I love some of the town signs and hotel instructions. I've never seen volcanic emergency instructions and evacuation routes before!
damn a pic of a sign would have been nice right about here!

We stopped off at lake Onuma just behind the volcano called mt Komagatake in the previous pic.
There is a beautiful park on the water that is a frequent destination for the royal family for many generations.
You can do go carting, hire trikes or boats.
We tried carting but the trikes were way more fun. You could join them together so it made a little train.
We flew around the pathways and across bridges onto little islands.

Our little elf

Our final destination today Is the World ranch. It's basically a big farm with cottages you can stay in. We had a Wander around
But we arrived around 5 and most of the farm stuff had ended. Tomorrow we start early and milk cows, Ride horses, see reindeer, and I hope to join the butter making.

BBQ dinner.

Volcano in the background.

And since this entire island is volcanic active the world ranch has it's own little onsen. I just finished my day with nice soak in the piping hot water.
-- Moran's in World Ranch


  1. what a beautiful place. Just a hint about your eating try 2 cups of green tea a day it certainly replaces any need for extra fibre
    I hope you are all well rested and well fed
    love to all

  2. Those volcanoes all look fairly placid - I hope you're going to see (and photograph) one that's erupting? By the sound of it, you've had your own personal volcanic activity as a result of the buffets?