Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday with Joss - part 1

The day started by meeting Joss at makuhari station. It had taken her two hours train ride across the guts of Tokyo to get to our place.

we decided a nice relaxing lunch was in order so we went to one of the local hotels and all ordered the mini lunch set.

Following are some of the courses served in the mini set. Glad we didn't do the full priced option.

Pretty good value at about 40 bucks each.

We have realized if we are in a noisy busy place, neo will eat queitly and watch what's going in. In a nice quiet restaurant there is not enough happening so she yells. Loudly. By far the noisiest kid in Tokyo I reckon.

In the hotel lobby Neo decided she liked climbing stairs. This is how far she got before dad pulled the plug on the fun on the grounds of human preservation.

After a not of a wander around locally we headed back home. on for part two

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