Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First train ride & Rumi's childhood home

After my haircut this morning Rumi wanted to visit her childhood home, just two stops away on the train. We realized this would be Neo's first train ride!

Rumi got the tickets. Check out the network map!

Neo loved her first train ride. She was looking out the window and banging the glass . On the return journey she noticed the other passengers and was waving at people. She got a few goodbye waves when we got off.
Anyway so we walked around Rumi's old suburb, checking out her old schools, park and apartment.

Rumi at her old junior high

And around the corner at primary school

Aparently the tires, monkey bars and other playground stuff is exactly the same as she she was there...a few years ago, or so.
the old apartment was a fee minutes walk away

Apartment block 27 ( out of 30 )

Second from top floor on the right.

Around the corner we checked out the old little shopping centre. When Rumi had morning sickness she was CRAVING noodles from a place here. unfortunately it was gone but most other little shops as they were.

Once back in Makuhari we found a kid paradise. ball pit, ballon room (where the baloons blow around) and other soft rides that move around. Awesome we thought, Neo will love this. We tried a few and.... She cried. Maybe next year.
Although Rumi convinced her to try and make the most of the 300 yen we had spent.

And slightly terrified

That's today. Time for a beer, dinner In an hour.

--Morans in Japan


  1. loving the blog, cant wait to see what you get up to, and what you tasty meal you eat next : )

  2. Hi Andrew
    Its mum
    We are all loving your journey.I bet Rumi enjoyed the day.