Thursday, June 25, 2009

Neo news

Been a few comments on how Neh-oh chan has grown. The change is so dramatic even we see it, which is strange given the constant contact.

Thought I should list some of her personal development highlights:

Loves dogs. Calls them wah-wahns, the japanese nick name (for kids).
Spots them everywhere even when we don't see them and repeats "wah wahn" to let us know. Really sharp eyes, sometimes we back track to find them an sure enough we have just passed a teddy dog or picture of one.

Qack (duck)
Wah wahn (dog)
Ichi (1)
Touch (when touching someone)
Hai(ywhen we do roll call " moran neo San" she puts her arm up and says " hai")

Also knows what the following means and does the action
Odei(come here)
Bath(crawls to bath)
Itadakimas/gotsosama (before/after meal - clambs her hands together)
Run fast ( when helping her walk the legs start going overdrive)
Arigato ( and bows her head )

Can easily walk 2/3 steps between people
Climbs up onto coffee table and sofa
Turns and slides off sofa
Puts any phone like object (remote control, calculator etc) to her ear and pretends to be on phone
Points at anything of interest and goes "aahhhh"
In bed crawls up and rolls into one of us so she ends up lying against us.
Knows basic hand movements of some Japanese kids songs which get sung everyday
(so much so that even I find myself humming some of them)
Nods head side to side when she really likes some food (oi-Shi-neh)
Sleeping right through the night without boobs
Loves chasing cousin ryo around going "rah"
Waves to anyone in public then engages them with her intense blinking (kind of like morse code using blinking). train rides are a lot of fun, she ends up communicating to several people in one way or another and they all wave bye bye when we get off

Talks her own language. Mostly it sounds like "gug gug heeba jeeba jabba jabba lawa oh wahhh"

I'm sure there is more I have forgotten but it is all very entertaining

Here she is right now

Mushi mushi


  1. Thanks for the update. Looks like she has more teeth as well. She is growing so fast we cant wait to "Have a play" with her when she gets home. Must be great for Rumi to enjoy a full nights sleep as well.
    She is just beautiful
    I hope you and Rumi are having a great break and are well
    Love MUM

  2. Thats insane!! 1 year and she's learnt all that!
    To get a grasp of 2 languages is mighty impressive!
    The trip has been great to follow! there is so much over there I never knew about...Hope all are well & can't wait to catch up when you get back,


  3. Neo is growing up so fast!! such a cutie! cant wait for you guys to get back so we can see her.... and you and rumi of course!!

  4. Neo is gorgeous and so talented at a young age! Congrats on the walking Neo, that's impressive:-) We can't wait to catch up with you guys when you returnxxx Ben, Jan & Ty